Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reading for the lazy

I have discovered, the wonderful world of reading for the lazy. I, personally, don't mind the number of pages when I read. 100, 1000, doesn't matter to me, as long as the story is good.

Well, for some people, this seems to be an issue, hence the inception of LazyLibrary. Accessible at http://lazylibrary.com/, it is a site devoted to finding books on Amazon under 200 pages on the topic of your choice.

So, if you need a quick fix, just look for it at LazyLibrary!

Oh, and thanks Polly for the post-Learning 2.0 fix!

Monday, September 17, 2007

What now?

Now that I have been finished with Learning 2.0 for a couple of weeks, I find myself wanting there to be a week 9! I suppose I'll just have to go discover for myself some interesting technologies on the Internet, and report back!

But that's soooo much work! (yes, I am whining - I'm allowed to on my blog)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Learning 2.0 completed

And so, with this last "official" blog, I end my Learning 2.0 experience. I went through Weeks 1-8 in less than 8 weeks (I just can't stand not to work ahead!), had a lot of fun, and found a lot of new sites.

Of course now I have 20 bazillion logins to remember, but hey, that's the price of technology.

Now a great web 2.0 tool would be a site where you can log in and instantly be logged into all the sites that you input. I'm going to look forward to that one.

I think that this was a great learning tool, and I hope that lots of people finish, or at least learn something they didn't know before.

Yay, let's do it again!

Web 2.0 awards

In looking for a web 2.0 tool to play with from the Web 2.0 award winners, I chose the first place winner in the Fun Stuff category: Cocktail builder.

So what does Cocktail builder do, you ask? Well, your alcoholic needs will be met on this site, since it is a site devoted to various cocktails that you can assemble yourself! There is even a place where you can type in the adult beverage that you have at home, and it will give you a list of what cocktails you can make with it.

Don't even bother looking for actual food recipes on this site, they won't be there. They have a single-minded determination in their devotion to the adult beverage.

For example, if you have Jack Daniels languishing in your cupboard, all you need is some Bailey's Irish Creme for a woodfather. Have a bottle of Vodka? Well, you're almost ready to serve a Pink Polar Bear with the addition of grenadine. Salut!

I did really like that as you type in the poison you have on hand, it automatically helps you below the search bar with items in its database.

What a fun little tool on the web!

Fun for all! Or at least fun for all above 21!


Since this is for my blog, here's another published document from Zoho.


money-mouth - my favorite emoticon so far!


With 19 fonts to choose from, that will work for most people, but for me, the font queen (I have over 1000), I'd probably be more apt to import in documents. 


The first document I tried to import was a flier that I completed this morning on our next in-service here at the region.  Most of the text came out, but the images didn't at all.  I suppose that they have to be uploaded into Zoho first.


I don't know that this will be something that I will use that much, but at least I know it's out there!

Contact Information

So here's my document from Zoho Writer. I imported one of my handouts for my e-rate workshops to see how it went, and made some changes. It's definitely interesting!

Contact Information

Any E-rate Information

Jennifer Cowan-Henderson

State E-Rate Coordinator for Public Libraries in Tennessee

Upper Cumberland Regional Library

208 East Minnear Street

Cookeville, TN 38501

phone 931-526-4016

fax 931-528-3311


Basic E-Rate Information


Tech Plan List


Schools and Libraries Division

Help Line


E-Mail Assistance




Eligible Services List will need to change once the 2008 doc is out