Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Web 2.0 awards

In looking for a web 2.0 tool to play with from the Web 2.0 award winners, I chose the first place winner in the Fun Stuff category: Cocktail builder.

So what does Cocktail builder do, you ask? Well, your alcoholic needs will be met on this site, since it is a site devoted to various cocktails that you can assemble yourself! There is even a place where you can type in the adult beverage that you have at home, and it will give you a list of what cocktails you can make with it.

Don't even bother looking for actual food recipes on this site, they won't be there. They have a single-minded determination in their devotion to the adult beverage.

For example, if you have Jack Daniels languishing in your cupboard, all you need is some Bailey's Irish Creme for a woodfather. Have a bottle of Vodka? Well, you're almost ready to serve a Pink Polar Bear with the addition of grenadine. Salut!

I did really like that as you type in the poison you have on hand, it automatically helps you below the search bar with items in its database.

What a fun little tool on the web!

Fun for all! Or at least fun for all above 21!

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