Monday, August 27, 2007

Internet Archive

It's amazing the things you find in the public domain! Getting to see "Betty Boop: Minnie the Moocher" has always been one of my favorite Betty Boop cartoons - plus you get a really great song! Cab Calloway knew how to swing it with style (I've even got this song on my MP3 player).

I also watched Private SNAFU in Booby Traps. It's interesting to see the non-edited version, that's for sure! Swearing, slightly sexual situations and innuendo, all the things necessary for a military training video!

The Internet Archive is a definite wealth of information on all manners of media, from film, to audio, to text. I did find that the site loaded really slowly, but once the page did load, it ran pretty quickly. I will definitly have to look into the Internet Archive more closely to see what other gems I can find.

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