Thursday, August 9, 2007


To elaborate on a prior post, I have decided that I absolutely love popgadget! They pick the strangest things to inform the world on, such as the all pink computer kit, which comes in a little pink lunchbox with a pink bluetooth mouse and a pink USB drive.

I have to admit, my favorite gadget so far is the electronic meat smeller. That's right. You read it correctly. Meat smeller. What does it do? It electronically "sniffs" the raw meat to see if is has gone bad yet. And it has a snazzy purple nose to do its sniffing with. If you would like to see (and laugh out loud at the price), just go to:

The price is actually on the Amazon link that they have.

Popgadget is definitely a keeper in my Bloglines!

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2JoyceTech said...

My Goodness, you are "miss information".
By the way you ask where I vacationed, well Daytona Beach were else. It is not that exotic, unless you count the fact that Dwayne and I were alone for 10 days. I was alone with the beach and he was alone with his computer in the condo.