Monday, August 6, 2007

RSS feed search tools

In my discovery of new technology tools out there in Internet-land, I was led to RSS feed search tools. All I have to say is - oh my.

I found these to be slightly daunting. There's a lot of information out there, and how these search tools go out there and find them... and find more of them... then more... by now I'm considering starting over, bashing my head on the keyboard (you know forehead typing is the in thing), or just walking away.

I kept with it however, and slowly realized that in Technorati I was searching blog posts, not for general blogs themselves. Hooray! I'm not insane, just not a perceptive person this morning!

Once I changed my search settings to blogs, and began searching again, it was much easier, and not as overwhelming.

Out of the ones I looked at, I did like Technorati the best, partially because it didn't have ads at the beginning of each result list like one of the others.

I was surprised at the number of news feeds that you could find just by typing it into Google.

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mspeach said...

You have the information girl. I know where to come for some answeres!!!