Sunday, August 26, 2007


And there are people who say that YouTube is filled with nothing but dirty videos!

I decided to try a new knitting pattern called "My So Called Scarf." Now, I am not an expert knitter (or much of an intermediate one either). I tend to stick with what I know - knit and pearl stitches. Well, I thought, let's try something new - this pattern looks interesting, and not too hard for a novice knitter like me!

Oh my.

I couldn't figure out the pattern! Oh I could read it, but I couldn't make it come out right. I pulled out that first row a dozen times at the least! Fine, I'll try again tomorrow. So, tomorrow came, and dagnabbit but I couldn't do it any better then than I could the day before! I need to see it, this tricky little stitch that is quickly becoming the bane of my existence! I have still pictures of the stitch, but they weren't helping.

So, I look up the pattern name on the Internet. Yay and yippee! There is a YouTube video on this exact pattern and this exact stitch (and the cooresponding one on the other side, too)! I get it! I understand!

So now, I am well on my way through this pattern! Now that I get it, it's not hard at all!

I have saved the YouTube link (along with dozens of pattern links) to my faves. Whoo hoo! Thanks, Learning 2.0, now I don't have to save it on just one computer, I can have it wherever I go! Yay!

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