Thursday, August 23, 2007

Library 2.0

Hmmm. What does the term "Library 2.0" mean to me? To me, it means the new technologies surrounding web 2.0 and how they are implemented in the library world. I really didn't agree with the perspective that collections on hand will be replaced by the 2.0 world. That may be the case in acedemia, but in the public sphere, it is definitely not.

When you have people from all ages, from all walks of life, all with different wants and needs, providing information in a variety of formats is the key. Paper to screen, audio to video, for the average user, the format isn't what is important, it's the information.

So while you may have those users who prefer everything online, you'll still have those who want to be able to hold it in their hands, or listen to it on a portable device.

Oops, I got off topic. Library 2.0 to me is an information atmosphere, one where information delivery is key. An environment where librarians and staff are well trained in all formats, print and online, and are informed about trends and changes on the horizon. Adaptability is a way of life in the Library 2.0 realm.

Libraries to me are still about people (no matter how much of a techno-geek I may be) and their skills in retrieving information for their patrons (I still don't like the term "customers"). For to me, library users are patrons, those who not only use the library, but also those who give back to the library.

My heavens, what a soapbox I am standing on! Thank goodness it's collapsible, and with that I'll put it back under my desk for now.

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